Ironbark: Dressed Smooth Finish – Unseasoned F14

Ironbark: Dressed Smooth Finish - Unseasoned F14
Material: Ironbark
Grade: Structural F14
Available Lengths: 0.9mtr, 1.2mtr, 1.5mtr, 1.8mtr, 2.1mtr, 2.4mtr, 2.7mtr, 3.0mtr, 3.3mtr, 3.6mtr, 3.9mtr, 4.2mtr, 4.5mtr, 4.8mtr, 5.1mtr, 5.4mtr, 5.7mtr, 6.0mtr, 6.3mtr, 6.6mtr, 6.9mtr, 7.2mtr, 7.8mtr, 8.4mtr, 9.0mtr, 9.6mtr, 10.2mtr.
Please Note: Long Lengths are only available in large end sections only - please call our sales office for more information.

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